The Shine Construction and Remodeling makes sure to satisfy their customer 100 percent and employs the latest technique and best materials to complete our job.


Why Shine

We do our job, and we do not sub contract any job we get. Everything gets done by us. That also means our cost is cheaper than other companies. In addition, all of our services are checked by the director of the company to make sure jobs are done correctly starting from little detail.


our mission

We plan to become bigger and better every day. We aim to do jobs which have good quality and get the job done fast. Most importantly, we are not trying to improve by ourselves, and we have a goal to invest in our future and do construction jobs which would benefit everybody. Also, we are working on a 1000 Children Complex construction plan and hope to invest in our future generation.


our Value

Our entire job is customized for your special needs, your house , and your desire. We make sure our customer is satisfied with the result because our service to our customers starts from fixing little things to build an entire house.

Our Services

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Our Address:

1215 31st St NW

Washington, DC  20007

United States


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